November 2018

What does a Local Area Plan for Dundrum mean?

A Local Area Plan (LAP) is a statutory document that is prepared by the Planning Authority in accordance with the provisions of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended) sections 18 – 20. The Local Area Plan must be consistent with the objectives of the current County Development Plan.

The LAP sets out a strategy for proper planning and sustainable development of the area. It enables the local authority to carry out a detailed assessment of any planning issues and this knowledge can be used to inform planning policy. The Plan gives guidance to any future development in the area thereby ensuring that any changes in the area respect and complement the local area. The LAP covers areas such as promoting economic development of the area, flooding and other environmental issues, biodiversity, conserving local heritage, the quality of urban design. community facilities and meeting the needs of all population groups.

In drawing up the LAP the planning authority must consult with the Minister, public and other interested parties  before preparing, amending or revoking a local plan

Pre-Draft Public Consultation:

  1. The initial stage can consist of producing an issues paper that can be displayed in council offices and libraries for a period.

  2. Public notices in national newspapers inviting submissions.

  3. A public open day can be organised where Planning Department staff are available to discuss the process with members of the public and other interested parties. Forms can be available to allow people to make submissions on the proposed plan.

Other requirements:

The EU Directive on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) requires EU member states to systematically evaluate any likely important effects on the environment of implementing the Local Area Plan, before its adoption. The County Council must also ensure that the plan does not have any significant effect on Natura 2000 sites (such as special Areas of Conservation and Special Protected Areas) as outlined in the EU Habitats Directive.

Imagine Dundrum invites you to join us to share ideas about all the important aspects of planning for the future of Dundrum, such as heritage, open spaces and recreation, community and social facilities, transport and traffic management and much more. This consultation is a really valuable opportunity to have your say, unfortunately in a tight timeframe at a busy time of year, but community input is vitally important. The public have until December 14 to make submissions at this stage.

Join us at an Open Meeting, December 5 in Holy Cross Primary School, Dundrum, at 7:30. 

February 2018

Imagine Dundrum has kept in close touch with the 7 Dundrum Ward Councillors since early 2016, but recently decided to engage with the broader group of Councillors who form the ‘Dundrum Area Committee’: the Councillors for Stillorgan and Sandyford-Glencullen Wards along with the Dundrum Councillors.

10 of the 20 DAC Councillors responded to our invitation and joined us for a meeting in in February. The agenda focused on the three most important current issues for Imagine Dundrum: the urgent need for a Local Area Plan for Dundrum in advance of any major development; our formal submission to Council to have Main Street designated as an Architectural Conservation Area; and our proposal for a Dundrum civic/ community/ cultural centre in the heart of the old village.

All Councillors were broadly supportive, offering further information and practical advice, and a number made specific offers of helpful actions at Council level.

March 2018


Main Street: A History of the Heart of Dundrum by John Lennon was launched by the Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Josepha Madigan, TD in

Holy Cross Parish Centre. A full report of this highly successful night can be found under news bulletins.

Main Street paints a vivid picture of a village that has grown over four centuries and retained much of its built heritage throughout that time. Local historian John Lennon has faithfully chronicled the changes in Dundrum Village from the 17th century to the present day. He reminds us of the imperative to protect that rich heritage and to blend it sensitively into the planning for the future of the village.

December 2017


Members of Imagine Dundrum attended the exhibition mounted by Masters students in UCD’s School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy on housing ideas for Dundrum. In October, at the start of the project, Imagine Dundrum had met with the lecturer in charge of this project, Stephen Mulhall (who grew up in Wyckham Park), and briefed him about Imagine Dundrum’s work. Our website was on the official project reading list, and the students had studied the outcomes of our Open Meeting to discover what local residents were thinking. They had also studied the County Development Plan, and they had sub-titled their exhibition, ‘An Alternative Local Area Plan’.



There were many varied and fascinating ideas for Dundrum, illustrated by models and drawings, including several imaginative housing schemes (most but not all low-rise, high density) for the old Shopping Centre site. The need for genuinely public space in Dundrum was discussed, and ways of designing housing for older people in particular, to maximise social interaction with other local people. The centrepiece was a model of the whole of Dundrum from the ‘Town Centre’ shopping centre to the Luas Bridge, on which the different schemes and possibilities could be positioned. 

September 2017


Imagine Dundrum has worked closely with the 7 County Councillors for the Dundrum Ward, and in late September two motions referring to Dundrum’s redevelopment were tabled at a meeting of the Dundrum Area Committee. It is very positive to have these issues placed on the Council’s agenda.

August 2017

Over the summer period, Imagine Dundrum made two submissions to the County Council, covering three of our key campaign aims: one seeking a Master Plan for Dundrum to guide planning proposals; one advocating a civic/community/ cultural centre in the heart of the new development; and one proposing the designation of Dundrum Main Street and crossroads area as an Architectural Conservation Area. 

July 2017

Members of Imagine Dundrum, accompanied by our local TD Josepha Madigan and her Constituency Officer, Stephen O’Shea, had a very positive half-hour meeting with MInister for Housing, Eoghan Murphy TD, in Dáil Eireann on Wednesday July 5th. The Minister’s PA, Jack O’Sullivan, was also present. The challenges facing Dundrum and the work so far were discussed, with the Minister providing useful help for work going forward.

June 2017

Huge crowds at the Imagine Dundrum Open Meeting

     Over 160 people, including residents’ groups, community groups, public representatives, local business owners and managers, and church representatives from all across Dundrum, Ballinteer, Windy Arbour, Goatstown, Taney/ Kilmacud, and Churchtown came together on Thursday evening to make very clear not only their strong attachment to Dundrum, but also their wishes and expectations for the future of Dundrum Village, in the light of its imminent large scale redevelopment.

     Organised by the Imagine Dundrum community group, the meeting heard a range of presentations about Dundrum, its past, present and hoped-for future. The Imagine Dundrum group outlined its hopes and expectations for the new development, arguing that what is at stake is the fate and future of a historic village which is both a local community hub and heartland for people over a much broader area.

     According to an Imagine Dundrum spokesperson, ‘the developers in Dundrum are not just involved in a residential building development or a greenfield site. They are building in the heart of a village and a community. We want Dundrum **to be a thriving place where people will live, work, and grow up in a vibrant community. We want Dundrum and its Main Street to retain its unique character, and become a truly attractive and welcoming place, where small and medium sized independent businesses are supported, and where intergenerational living is encouraged. We want to see substantial public space in the new development, and a new civic building that will be at the heart of community life. 

     The large gathering of local people gave strong support to these proposals. There was universal agreement that there must be balance between residential, commercial and civic elements in the new development, and that it must be a ‘connected’ environment, friendly to pedestrians and cyclists and with smooth links to public transport links.

     They also agreed strongly that that Dundrum must provide for a vibrant, inclusive community, and that the new Dundrum should respect and reflect the heritage of the historic Village as well as showcasing the very best new models of environmentally-sustainable development.

     The gathering called on the developer, Hammerson, and Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council to engage actively with the local community to ensure that plans for future development in Dundrum can aspire to having local community support.

Anyone who missed the meeting can still send their view about the future of Dundrum to

Coverage in The Independent:

May 2017

          Members of Imagine Dundrum attended TD Catherine Martin's public meeting on 'Future-

     Proofing Dundrum' which highlighted energy efficieny at community level.


          The seven Dundrum Ward Councillors were invited to a

          second meeting, to update them on progress and discuss ways

          in which they can support at promote Imagine

          Dundrum's work at Council level, and help secure the

          best possible future for our area.

          Planning is taking place for an open/ public meeting in



March 2017

          Members of Imagine Dundrum attended Hammerson's

          Irish launch of its sustainability strategy, Becoming

          Net Positive: A Hammerson Positive Places Objective 

          (copies of strategy booklet available from Imagine 

          Dundrum on request).

           Imgine Dundrum held a well-attended information meeting for

           local business owners and other stakeholders 

           including churches, Airfield Estate and An Taisce. Strong 

           support was expressed for our principles and plans.

          Reviewed the Local Area Plan with view to possible actions.

          Held a meeting on developing strategy for the coming months.

February 2017

           Met with Hammerson’s Development Manager for Dundrum.

           Continued to invite feedback on our ideas and plans

           from local residents

January 2017

            Successful in application for start-up grant from

            County Council’s Community Fund.

October 2016 – January 2017

            Made initial contact with Hammerson; began preparing

            to meet them.

            Met and briefed the three local TDs for Dublin Rathdown.

            Met County Council officials involved in an EU

            ‘placemaking’ project (the Urbacht Project) relevant

             to Imagine Dundrum’s work.

June- September 2016

            The UK-based developer Hammerson, in association

            with Allianz insurance, completed the purchase of

            the Dundrum Village development site and the existing

            ‘Town Centre’.  


            Some Imagine Dundrum architectural sketches are

            revised, in response to Hammerson’s reported comments

            on possible residential element for Dundrum Village;

            expert advice on our plans obtained from a

            commercial property specialist.

            Investigated possibilities for a civic/ community/

            cultural space or centre for Dundrum (see the

            County Development Plan); visits were made to local

            community centres;  a document drafted:

            Vision Statement for a Civic, Community and Cultural

            Space in Dundrum.

            Imagine Dundrum was accepted as a member of

            the County’s Public Participation Network so is

            represented at its plenary meetings and receives

            information regularly.

April-May 2016 

            Imagine Dundrum documentation produced: a

            one-page explanatory leaflet, a three-page Vision

            Statement, a set of illustrative architectural drawings

            and a powerpoint presentation.

            Met the seven Dundrum area County Councillors,

            who assured us of their firm support (We have updated

            them on developments since then). 

            Met with County Council planning officials, to

            introduce Imagine Dundrum and share information

            and ideas.

            Made contact with a similar initiative,

            Re-Imagining Phibsborough.

            Information meeting held with local Residents’

            Associations - 19 groups attended and 11 others

            expressed interest.

January – April 2016

            Initial consideration in meetings of Dundrum past,

            present and future, and the relevant planning contexts

            and processes.

           Studied the DLR County Development Plan 2016-2022,

           noting how it supports Imagine Dundrum’s thinking.

           Generated ideas for action and outreach.

January 2016 

            Group formed in response to imminent redevelopment

            of Dundrum Village (‘Phase 2’) and the County Council’s

            proposed Local Area Plan.

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