A Civic Centre for Dundrum? Imagine Dundrum welcomes a big step on the road!


Local citizens’ group Imagine Dundrum is delighted to learn that Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council has made an application for government funding under the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund for a new Civic Centre in the heart of Dundrum.


Since coming together in 2016, Imagine Dundrum has campaigned strongly for a Civic Centre for Dundrum, emphasising the contrast between its status as the second major town in the County and its lack of civic, cultural and community facilities and services.


The group has made a strong case to the County Council for a Civic Centre at the heart of the Village as a way to restore the unique character of Dundrum as a focal point for a wide surrounding area, and to provide much needed community and cultural facilities for the rapidly growing population in this South Dublin neighbourhood.


There has been huge community support for such a development at Imagine Dundrum’s public meetings and in its many interactions with local people. Well over 1,000 signatures have been gathered endorsing the Civic Centre proposal.  So the group is delighted to learn of the decision to apply for government funding for a new 5,000 square metre Civic Hub in Dundrum. The Civic Hub, as proposed in the funding bid, will include a modern library, flexible community and cultural space, along with new civic offices and other associated public services.


If, or hopefully when, it happens, the Civic Centre will provide a strong focal for the Village and much needed, long overdue investment in Dundrum as the second Major Town Centre in the County.


Welcoming the funding application, Imagine Dundrum Chairperson, Councillor Anne Colgan said ‘we understand that the funding application is but the first step on a journey, but it is a hugely important step. Over the past four years, all the local representatives have been strongly supportive of the case for the Civic Centre in Dundrum. We will now be calling on local TDs and Councillors for the area to continue showing their support, and to make the compelling case to Government for this much needed facility, which can transform the future of Dundrum Village itself, and greatly enhance the lives of the whole wider local community .’

Plans, plans and more plans!!!

Read Imagine Dundrum's  Response to the Housing and Planning Bill and Development Bill 2019

The new County Development Plan for Dun Laoghaire Rathdown

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council is preparing a new County Development Plan for the period 2022-2028 which will shape the future development of the County. The Council is looking for the views of the public on the  policies that should ensure proper future planning and sustainable development of the county.

The Council has prepared a Paper setting out background information on several important issues such as housing need, employment, transport, climate change, heritage, and posing some questions to assist the public in thinking about what should go into the Plan. You can read this on the Council website (link). https://www.dlrcoco.ie

Read the Submission from Imagine Dundrum here

Dundrum Community Cultural and Civic Action Plan (DCCCAP)

The County Council has recently appointed planning consultants to produce a plan covering civic, cultural and community facilities and services in Dundrum. They have opened an initial consultation

Find out more at : https://dlrcoco.citizenspace.com/planning/dundrum-community-cultural-civic-action-plan-cccap/

Imagine Dundrum has long campaigned for a substantial Civic Centre in Dundrum, with community and cultural spaces, to match its status as the second major town in the County, and to serve its rapidly growing population. Our campaign leaflet summarises the case for this important development.  

To read Imagine Dundrum's written submission to the CCCAP consultation click here

Dundrum Local Area Plan – back in January, Imagine Dundrum urged everyone locally to participate in the first round of consultations by making a submission to DLR County Council, to share your views on Dundrum of the Future.


We expect that the full draft Plan, taking account of those submissions, will be published in the next few months – and then there will be another change to make your views known


To read the submission by Imagine Dundrum go to Local Area Plan

To read about the Local Area Plan for Dundrum being produced by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and its Timeline go to NEWS


 Imagine Dundrum and its aims

Imagine Dundrum is a group of concerned local residents of Dundrum and surrounding areas. We are working for a community-focused vision for the renewal of Dundrum’s core built environment, in collaboration with the County Council, with developers and with all interested local organisations, businesses and individuals.


This website invites a wide-ranging conversation on the future of Dundrum,

and Imagine Dundrum looks forward to supporting and engaging with it fully. 

Our vision

The future Dundrum will be a place which respects and reflects its unique history and heritage, and is a thriving, attractive and welcoming place for everyone in the local community, those who work here and its many visitors.

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