June 2019

Imagine Dundrum at the Dundrum Festival. Thank you to all who stopped by and offered their support for our aims.

December 2018

Imagine Dundrum held a meeting in Holy Cross Primary School about the Local Area Plan for Dundrum which is now in its early stages. The event was well-attended, attracting a crowd of  around 85, including representatives of residents' associations, local businesses, and local councillors. Attendees were brought up to date with Imagine Dundrum's initiatives in the past few months, much of it in preparation for the anticipated launch of the Area Plan.  

Anne Colgan, Chairperson of Imagine Dundrum, outlined the context, purpose and process involved in the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Planners' Issues Paper. The issues paper, available online and circulated at the meeting, represents the first stage of defining the future development of Dundrum, and welcomes submissions from the public. The main issues raised in the paper were then briefly presented ahead of discussion by attendees in a workshop format. After about 50 minutes each group reported back to the entire audience on a few of the issues which the participants considered most important.

The meeting finished with a reminder that all were encouraged to make their own submissions by Friday, December 14. The records of each group were also collected by Imagine Dundrum and will help inform the submission that it will be making on the principals outlined in this website.

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