Planning context

The context for our initiative is the imminent redevelopment of the extensive 1960s Shopping Centre site, including most of the west side of the Main Street, all of which is now owned by Hammerson plc. Published recently, the Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Development Plan 2016-2022 proposes a Local Area Plan for Dundrum. We hope this LAP will be prioritised by the Council, thus providing vital guidelines for all new development.

Dundrum’s recent history

Following the large-scale housing expansion of the 1960s and 1970s, the Dundrum area developed a strong new sense of community and locality, based around its historic village core. In recent years, however, local people have experienced a progressive sense of loss resulting from the visible down-grading of much of our local environment. Significant change came from Dundrum’s designation as a Major Town Centre, the construction of the new shopping centre and the bypass. Then, during the recession years, we have witnessed the gradual physical deterioration of our Main Street as a whole. As a result, we have lost a unique place with an individual character and living history, which had nurtured social cohesion and a sense of belonging for local residents, many of them feel that in the last few years, ‘the heart was ripped out of Dundrum’

Dundrum’s future?

Imagine Dundrum members are convinced that these lost qualities can be restored to Dundrum, if there is good planning, sensitive awareness of the social and community dimensions of urban redevelopment, and adequate and timely consultation with local communities and businesses. The proposed redevelopment of Dundrum’s built environment has the potential to restore that strong sense of community for locals, while creating a thriving, varied, and authentic place attracting workers and visitors alike.

To contribute to this future Dundrum, we have drawn up a set of fundamental design principles applicable to the re-development of the old Shopping Centre site, and to the restoration of the Main Street. To learn more about these principles click on Planning Vision.


We also drafted preliminary architectural sketches to illustrate our ideas and hopes for our locality, which means so much to so many people. To see these architectural sketches see the 'Gallery'.

We especially want to highlight the need to integrate well-designed public space and a civic, community and cultural dimension in the new development, as these have the potential to make Dundrum a truly liveable environment. The new County Development Plan states (Ch 8) confirms that, ‘the location and provision of community facilities’ are ‘a pre-requisite for … viable,enjoyable, sustainable and attractive local communities’. Dundrum, with its long social and cultural history, needs these facilities as much as any brand-new urban development in the County

The members of Imagine Dundrum hope this vision statement will be the beginning of a conversation on the future of Dundrum, which is ‘our village, our community’.  We are committed to playing an active part in all forthcoming consultations and citizens’ forums, both those concerning the redevelopment of the old Dundrum Shopping Centre site and those which form part of the devising of the Local Area Plan for Dundrum.

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